The Month-End: November

Year-end is fast approaching and here at Float we’re continuing to roll out features to help you manage company spend efficiently. From new security measures to ensuring your heard-earned money works even harder for you, November saw exciting additions to spend management with Float. Read on to learn what’s new in the platform.

Float’s New Notifications Centre 🔔

With so much on-the-go for the Finance Team, staying in the loop is a necessity for managing company spend. We’ve been listening to your feedback and we’re thrilled to introduce enhancements that puts the reins of your company’s spend management notifications firmly in your hands. You’ll now have greater autonomy and choice over which notifications you receive (and who at the company receives them). Whether it’s account updates, approval requests, or daily receipt reminders, you can now cherry-pick the notifications that truly matter to your business. We’ve also introduced some new notifications to help you better stay on top of your Spending Power in Float:

  • Choose to keep all Admins in the loop, so your team doesn’t lose visibility if a Primary Admin is out of office
  • Get notified about Spenders’ card declines, so you can ensure critical business payments go through on time
  • Set custom thresholds and be alerted when Spending Power falls too low, so you always have enough cash on hand to pay vendors

Check out your updated Notifications Centre today and easily manage your notifications, so they best match your company’s workflows.

Now Earning 4%

As of December 1st, we’re making your dollars work even harder for you. Float customers are now earning 4% interest on their CAD and USD cash balances. The best part? There’s no need to lift a finger – your existing Float Accounts for your pre-funded cards automatically kick into earnings mode. Similar to cashback* your well-deserved rewards will be paid out like clockwork on the first of each month. Keep an eye on your inbox for a special rewards email on January 1st and in the meantime feel free to log in to your Banking Hub anytime to see your company’s earnings to-date.

Animation of 4%

Putting Security First: Float is Now PCI-DSS Certified

At Float we believe that your financial security comes first. Following our recent SOC 2 Certification, we’re proud to announce another significant milestone – Float is now officially PCI-DSS Certified. What does that mean for you? In simple terms, it signifies that Float adheres to the highest standards of security in the storage, processing, and transmission of cardholder data. We stand tall as one of the few Canadian financial technology companies with both SOC 2 and PCI-DSS certificates, highlighting our commitment to your security every step of the way. We hope you choose Float not just for a faster month-end, but for the peace of mind that your financial data is in safe hands.

A Faster November Month-End

The updates to your financial management journey don’t stop at new notifications and earnings. We’ve also continued to simplify your accounting processes for a faster month-end. We hope with these latest enhancements, closing November’s books have never been smoother:

  • Spenders can now add receipts to transactions at any time
  • Additional Docs are easily viewable and updatable
  • Re-exporting transactions to QBO or Xero at month-end? No more duplicates – the original transaction gets updated seamlessly 

Spend less time on administrative tasks and more on what truly matters. A final reminder that your old Ready to Export page is going away December 15th. If you haven’t used the new Transactions Export page in your Accounting Hub yet, this is your sign to try it out!

Until Next Time 👋

As we approach year-end, precision, control and efficiency become bigger themes for Finance teams. At Float, we’re excited to continue to unveil new updates that are redefining spend management. Whether it’s with our new accounting automations or flexible spend notifications, we want to alleviate the stresses your team encounters in their day-to-day. If you’re not a Float customer (yet) signing up is simple. Get started for free or book a demo to connect with our sales team. Happy managing, finance professionals!

The Month-End: October

We’re transitioning out of October’s spooky season, but for many finance professionals the real scare remains – a time-consuming month-end. However, we’re here to put your financial fears to rest, and this month we’ve got all treats and no tricks for our customers at Float.

Transaction Splits for All

Transaction Splits is now available for Float customers on both the Professional and Essential plans (including Managers and Spenders too). That means every Float customer can now split different amounts to different accounts, and cardholders can now split their own transactions too. To enable Transaction Splits for Managers and Spenders, head to the “Settings – General Account” page in your Float Administrator dashboard. Spenders will be notified to log in to Float and itemize transactions for easy export. It’s all about simplifying your financial process.

Close Faster with Custom Accounting

Float’s new Accounting Hub is designed to streamline your financial close. We’ve introduced enhanced functionality to ensure your accounting syncs are tailored to your unique business needs, so you don’t have to burn the midnight oil at month-end. Customize columns you see to match your workflow, ensuring you only see what you need. Get insight into non-compliant transactions making sure every transaction is above-board and ready for export. Once reviewed, open exported transactions directly to Xero, QBO, and NetSuite – no need to fumble around with different tools. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out your new Accounting Hub today to make your next month end with Float that much faster.

The Mobile App You’ve All Been Waiting For

You asked and we answered. The Float mobile app is on the horizon and we couldn’t be more excited. This app will allow your team to manage finances on the go, offering convenience and efficiency. Your team will soon be able to:

  • Request spend and reimbursements with just a few taps
  • Capture receipts directly within the app, reducing the need for receipt-chasing at month-end 
  • View all their transactions, complete with compliance status, in one simple view

The mobile app will streamline how your team spends with a hassle-free experience. Stay tuned for the official announcement.

Until Next Time 👋

Float is your trusted partner in making managing your company spend less intimidating and more efficient. With features like Transaction Splits, our new custom Accounting Hub, and the upcoming mobile app, we’re here to support you in your journey to smarter spend management. If you’re not a Float customer (yet) signing up is simple. Get started for free or book a demo to connect with our sales team. Happy managing, finance professionals!

The Month-End: September

In the finance team’s world, driving new efficiencies is critical. The faster you can close the books while maintaining accuracy, the more control and insight you gain. At Float, we understand how important this is, which is why we’ve revamped the Accounting Hub, along with introducing some other game-changers to elevate your financial management game.

Close the Books Faster with Accounting Hub

You know the drill. Every month you face the challenge of reconciling transactions, ensuring accuracy, and preparing for financial reports. The process can be cumbersome, but it doesn’t have to be. Enter Float’s Accounting Hub, a dedicated space designed to streamline the entire process at scale. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Review with Lighting Speed: Say goodbye to sifting through pages of transactions. With Accounting Hub, you can quickly review and analyze your transactions, ensuring accuracy and compliance. 
  • Automation at its Best: Automation is the name of the game in modern finance. With the Accounting Hub, you can automate repetitive tasks, reducing the risk of errors and saving valuable time
  • Seamless Export: Exporting transactions to your accounting software has never been easier. Whether you’re using Float’s Accounting Sync (QBO, Xero, or NetSuite) or a custom CSV template, exporting transactions is always a breeze.

Make this the month you embrace Float’s Accounting Hub and revolutionize your book closing process (your team will thank you).

Introducing Float’s Banking Hub

At Float we believe in building spaces that simplify your company’s spending. Our newest addition, the Banking Hub, is designed to do just that. This hub provides a single place to manage your company’s Spending Power on Float, which represents the funds available for any pre-funded Float Cards. What sets the Banking Hub apart?

  • Enhanced Connectivity: We now allow you to now connect multiple bank accounts with ease. This enhanced connectivity also opens the door to qualify for upcoming credit products and high limits. 
  • Transparency: Ever wondered when exactly funds will be available? The Banking Hub lets you see at a glance when your funds are expected to arrive, empowering you to make informed spending decisions
  • Effortless Transfers: Ensure your pre-funded Float Cards never run out of funds by setting up automated top-ups and pay-downs.

Ready to take control of your company’s spending? Watch our video on Funding with Float and discover how to optimize cash flow with your company’s smart corporate cards

Reimburse Employees Directly in Float

Reimbursements can be a headache for both employees and finance teams. That’s why we’ve introduced Reimbursements within Float. It’s incredibly easy for teams to submit out-of-pocket expenses, and the best part? Doing so with Float can create thousands of dollars in savings for your team. How?

  • Simplify Team Payments: Team members request spend all in one place (whether it’s spending on a Float Card or an out-of-pocket reimbursement), reducing the amount time spent managing employees on multiple platforms.
  • Save on Software: Every dollar counts when growing your business. Save on expensive expense management software by using Float’s Reimbursements and no additional cost per month. 
  • Eliminate Administrative Work: Finance teams can create custom Submission and Approval Policies to eliminate manual work. Employees simply upload their receipts and expense information, and their request automatically goes out for approval so the finance team can payout (and close) faster.

Curious about how Reimbursements work? Check out our video for an in-depth look at the submission, approval, and export process for out-of-pocket expenses. 

Until Next Time 👋

We’ll be back soon with Float’s latest product updates, events, and resources. If Float’s new Accounting Hub, enhanced Banking connections and Reimbursements could move the dial for your team and you’re not yet a Float customer, simply book a demo. Our sales team will walk you through how you can simplify your company’s spend management with Float.

New! Simplify Employee Reimbursements with Float

We’re excited to introduce Reimbursements – the simplest way for teams to manage out-of-pocket expenses, directly in Float.

Thousands of teams know that using a Float Card for company spending saves countless hours with automated approvals and smart reconciliations. Yet out-of-pocket expenses still happen from time to time. Our goal at Float is to introduce optimal ways to manage all team spending (including the odd expense that happens when you don’t have your Float Card on hand). 

Now, the same custom controls and automations that companies get when their team spends with Float Cards are available to streamline employee reimbursement requests as well! 

How it Works

So long Excel spreadsheets, email chains, and expensive software. Reimbursing out-of-pocket expenses is just 3 simple (and automated) steps in Float. 

  1. The Spender Submits a Reimbursement Request. Finance teams can streamline this process by setting up custom Submission Policies to ensure all required information is submitted for smooth month-ends. 
  2. The Manager Approves the Request. Custom Approval Policies notify the right Manager (or Managers) to approve the request in Float without delays. 
  3. Admins Export the Approved Request for Payout. Once approved, Admins can sync reimbursement submissions to their accounting software and pay employees quickly though their payroll or accounting software.

Why it Works for Your Team

Using Reimbursements in Float’s integrated spend management solution means time and cost savings for your company that you can put back into growing your business. With Float, you’ll get to:

🧾 Simplify Team Repayments

Whether they paid with their Float Card or needed to make an out-of-pocket payment, team members now request to spend and submit expenses all in one place. No need to onboard and manage employees on multiple platforms, and finance teams get a real-time, consolidated view of company spending.

💸 Save on Software 

Every dollar counts when growing your business. Expense management software can be expensive when charging per seat (think Expensify or Concur). This costs companies thousands of dollars a month. Reimbursements is available to all of Float’s Professional customers at no additional cost per user.

🙅‍♀️ Eliminate Administrative Work

Finance teams can create custom Submission and Approval Policies to eliminate manual work. Employees simply upload their receipts and expense information, and their request automatically goes to their manager for approval so the finance team can payout (and close) faster. No more f*$%-ing expense reports.

💳 Spend on Cards Worry-free

Your team members feel happiest when they’re empowered to do their best work. This often includes needing to spend with insight and flexibility. Assigning Float Cards to employees with frequent or large expenses gives team members autonomy, while finance teams still keep control and peace of mind. In addition to Reimbursements, enjoy unlimited virtual Float Cards to spend in CAD or USD as part of Float’s free Essential plan (and free physical cards with the Professional plan). 


At Float we believe Canadian finance teams deserve a financial partner that understands their unique needs. Reimbursements is yet another game-changer in the Float platform, built for Canadian companies and teams looking to streamline their expense reporting in an integrated solution. 

We’re excited to reward our customers with locked-in Pro pricing of new Enterprise features like Reimbursements (and our new HRIS Integration) – as our way of saying thanks for helping our team build the future of financial services in Canada.  

Whether you’re currently on Pro or sign up for Pro in 2023, you’ll gain access to select new Enterprise features launched this year and enjoy continued access to Float’s $99 a month Pro pricing.

Sign in to Float and start simplifying your team spend with Reimbursements. Not a customer (yet)? Book a demo with our local team to learn more!