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The Month-End: October

What’s new at Float? Last month we expanded access to Transaction Splits, introduced new custom features to the Accounting Hub, and announced our much-anticipated mobile app. Catch up on these latest game-changers.

November 9, 2023

We’re transitioning out of October’s spooky season, but for many finance professionals the real scare remains – a time-consuming month-end. However, we’re here to put your financial fears to rest, and this month we’ve got all treats and no tricks for our customers at Float.

Transaction Splits for All

Transaction Splits is now available for Float customers on both the Professional and Essential plans (including Managers and Spenders too). That means every Float customer can now split different amounts to different accounts, and cardholders can now split their own transactions too. To enable Transaction Splits for Managers and Spenders, head to the “Settings – General Account” page in your Float Administrator dashboard. Spenders will be notified to log in to Float and itemize transactions for easy export. It’s all about simplifying your financial process.

Close Faster with Custom Accounting

Float’s new Accounting Hub is designed to streamline your financial close. We’ve introduced enhanced functionality to ensure your accounting syncs are tailored to your unique business needs, so you don’t have to burn the midnight oil at month-end. Customize columns you see to match your workflow, ensuring you only see what you need. Get insight into non-compliant transactions making sure every transaction is above-board and ready for export. Once reviewed, open exported transactions directly to Xero, QBO, and NetSuite – no need to fumble around with different tools. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out your new Accounting Hub today to make your next month end with Float that much faster.

The Mobile App You’ve All Been Waiting For

You asked and we answered. The Float mobile app is on the horizon and we couldn’t be more excited. This app will allow your team to manage finances on the go, offering convenience and efficiency. Your team will soon be able to:

  • Request spend and reimbursements with just a few taps
  • Capture receipts directly within the app, reducing the need for receipt-chasing at month-end 
  • View all their transactions, complete with compliance status, in one simple view

The mobile app will streamline how your team spends with a hassle-free experience. Stay tuned for the official announcement.

Until Next Time 👋

Float is your trusted partner in making managing your company spend less intimidating and more efficient. With features like Transaction Splits, our new custom Accounting Hub, and the upcoming mobile app, we’re here to support you in your journey to smarter spend management. If you’re not a Float customer (yet) signing up is simple. Get started for free or book a demo to connect with our sales team. Happy managing, finance professionals!

Written by

Shanelle Holder

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