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Learn why Float is a better alternative than traditional bank credit cards, giving Canadian businesses more flexibility and control.

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    A quick overview of how you're currently managing your company spend, and what your challenges are.

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    What Float features can help solve your most pressing pain points.

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    A live look at the Float platform in action, so you can see how things work.

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    Your questions, answered

    What is Float?


    Float is an easier, smarter way to manage your business spending. Think of it as a combination of no-personal-guarantee corporate cards and intelligent spend management software to help you automate, control, and manage your company’s spending.

    How do Float Corporate Cards work?


    Float customers have access to physical and virtual corporate cards in both USD and CAD. Once you issue cards to employees, Float will collect receipts after every transaction. Each transaction is then automatically coded and matched with its receipt, ready to export to your accounting software.

    Where can I use Float cards?


    Just like a ‘regular’ corporate card, our cards are used around the world anywhere VISA and Mastercard are accepted. With accounts in both CAD and USD, it’s easy to switch between the two currencies when you need to.

    What’s the difference between a physical and virtual card?


    Physical and virtual cards work essentially the same way! Virtual cards act the same way as physical cards, in that you can use them for any spend where you need to enter in a card number. They can be created instantly whenever you need them, and are perfect for online expenses like recurring expenses or ad spends. Both virtual and physical cards are linked directly to Float software with individual card controls to help manage spend.

    How do Float limits work?


    Float offers personalized payment terms based on your business’ stage of growth. With Float’s Pre-funded CAD and USD cards, your limits = your bank balance. You can connect multiple bank accounts in CAD or USD, and even set up automatic top-ups to ensure your cards never run out of funds. With Float’s Charge card (CAD only), you can apply for up to $500k unsecured 30-day credit terms that you can automatically pay down throughout the month.

    Cashback? How does that work?


    Get 1% cashback on all purchases made using Float cards, paid out monthly and added to your Float balance. No restrictions, no limitations. Plus, get access to up to $175k in member perks.

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