Choose Float over Expensify.

Replace tedious expense reports with corporate cards and reimbursements that Canadian teams love.

Trusted by 1,000s of leading Canadian companies.†

Why choose Float?

Canada’s smartest corporate card

Manage spending limits on a per-card basis and effortlessly track, approve, and reconcile expenses —all in one platform.

Priced per month, not per user

Administer unlimited virtual cards to every employee, at no extra cost.

No more employee-chasing

Instantly collect receipts and reimburse employees.

Make expense
reports obsolete

Employees can easily text, email, or upload receipts directly to Float. Our software matches receipts to transactions so you don’t have to.

With easy-to-add rules for purchases and built-in employee reimbursements, there’s no more need for expense reports.

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“The receipt capture feature has played a big role in improving receipt compliance to close to 100% and enhancing the overall accuracy of our accounting.”

Zach Hill
Director of Finance, at Athennian