Finance on auto-pilot

Canadian finance teams use Float to enable, control, and track corporate spending in a single, intuitive platform.

Business spending as it should be.

Say goodbye to the old way of managing spend.
Welcome to the Float way.

Float’s smart corporate cards allow you to spend, track, approve, and reconcile all your CAD and USD expenses in one simple to use platform.

Avoid fees on USD spending and give your business the ultimate financial control, no matter the currency.

Float’s physical and virtual cards are backed by customized spend controls and real-time reporting to help you manage your company spend. Even better? Instant reminders to easily text, email, or upload receipts as soon as a purchase is made.

With unlimited virtual cards for every vendor and employee, keep control by only adding funds when needed. Then set limits, pause, or cancel whenever you want to keep unapproved spends at bay.

Every transaction made on a Float card gets embedded with receipts and automatically categorized with GL codes, tax codes, vendors, and more, based on your company’s unique Chart of Accounts.

Direct integrations with Quickbooks, Xero, and NetSuite make month-end a breeze. Float also supports popular accounting tools like Sage and Microsoft Dynamics with CSV exports.

Float gives you the ability to react quickly to changes in spending patterns and market trends with real-time Reporting.

Spot anomalies before it’s too late, dig deep into spend patterns, and find savings with all your company spending in one platform.

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Trusted by 1,000s of leading Canadian companies.

Most things in
finance aren’t fast.
Our customer support is.

Our team is ready to help.
Fast, friendly support is just a click away.

💬 Available when you need us via phone, text, chat and email.

Float replaces

“It gives us greater control because we’re able to monitor company spending, easily approve purchase requests, and Float reminds employees to submit their receipts on time. ”

Adrian Pape
VP Finance

Businesses have evolved.
Banks haven’t.

Fast-growing businesses need more flexibility and cashflow than banks can offer. With Float, get the spend you need when you need it, with smart corporate cards, time-saving software, and no hidden charges.

*Conditions apply. Book a demo with our team for more details.

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