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Float offers savings far beyond the traditional rewards offered by banks like cashback (but we have that, too). From increasing team productivity to creating efficiencies by eliminating unwanted spend, Float saves companies an average of 7% of their total spend and closes books up to 8x faster.

Total savings are calculated by combining three areas: Financial Rewards, Productivity Gains, and Efficiency Improvements. Financial rewards are measured against current bank rates. Productivity and Efficiency improvements are calculated with average customer-reported savings rates by business size.

We asked over 200 customers across Canada how Float helps them save time and money. Responses were paired with Float’s platform data and industry research to create an ROI calculation representative as a percentage of an illustrative customer’s total card spending when using spend management features designed to reduce business expenses. Learn more about our survey results here.

Float’s savings methodology takes lots of factors into consideration to provide you with a realistic expectation of how much time and money Float can save your business. Key inputs included how much time we saved finance teams and employees every month, as well as how much unwanted spend we were able to help identify and mitigate for our customers. To ensure we provide a balanced savings rate, we also take into account what you have to give up by joining Float, including existing rewards programs and any monthly subscription cost for Floats products.