Spending freedom for them. Full control for you.

Give your team the autonomy to spend when they need to, thanks to full visibility and the authority to increase limits, add new users, and even lock cards.

Real-time visibility into your spending

Make data-driven decisions and react quickly to changes in spending patterns and market trends.

Review transactions as they happen, instead of waiting for employee-submitted expense reports.

Quickly act on large purchases or questionable charges.

Track trends in monthly spend patterns and team actuals vs. targets in real-time.

Secure card control at your fingertips

Create safeguards with spend limits and $0 balances, plus easily pause or cancel cards.

Assign individual cards to repeat vendors, limiting the effects of fraud so it’s business as usual.

Limit card transactions to custom merchant categories.

Set custom card limits based on your budget.

Spend controls so seamless, they’ll hardly even notice

When your expense guidelines are implemented directly into your card requirements, it makes it easy for employees to follow the rules.

Require employees to submit receipts and set GL codes per transaction.

Pause employee cards that violate your policies without making things harder for everyone else.

Have employees easily submit receipts and expenses as soon as a purchase is made.

Business can sink or swim. Why not Float?

5 minutes to apply
No personal guarantees
High limits
No credit checks

Your questions,

Float is an easier, smarter way to manage your business spending. Think of it as a combination of no-personal-guarantee corporate cards and intelligent spend management software to help you automate, control, and manage your company’s spending.

Float customers have access to physical and virtual corporate cards in both USD and CAD. Once you issue cards to employees, Float will collect receipts after every transaction. Each transaction is then automatically coded and matched with its receipt, ready to export to your accounting software.

Just like a ‘regular’ corporate card, our cards are used around the world anywhere VISA and Mastercard are accepted. With accounts in both CAD and USD, it’s easy to switch between the two currencies when you need to.

Physical and virtual cards work essentially the same way! Virtual cards act the same way as physical cards, in that you can use them for any spend where you need to enter in a card number. Virtual cards can be created instantly whenever you need them, and are perfect for online expenses like recurring expenses or ad spends. Both virtual and physical cards are linked directly to Float software with individual card controls to help manage spend.

Float offers personalized payment terms based on your business’s stage of growth. With Float’s Pre-funded CAD and USD cards, your limits = your bank balance. You can connect multiple bank accounts in CAD or USD, and even set up automatic top-ups to ensure your cards never run out of funds. With Float’s Charge card (CAD and USD), you can apply for up to $1M in unsecured 30-day credit terms that you can automatically pay down throughout the month.