Make employee
perks painless

Manage employee stipends with
smart corporate cards for the
whole team.

No more expense reports

Give employees the benefits without the headaches by
empowering teams with Float.


Enable teams to use their stipends

From home office setups to learning stipends, enable
spend with corporate cards to the whole team.

Enable spend

Issue physical and virtual cards to employees worry-free and assign temporary or recurring limits for stipends (or let employees request reimbursements).

Keep track of usage

See approvals and purchases in real-time and run reports to track spend in your programs.

Added benefits

Your company earns cashback* on employee stipend spend and 4% monthly on any funds you keep with Float.

*1% with over $25k in monthly spending. Charge Card has different rewards structure. Contact sales for more information.


Issue stipends securely to employees

With Float’s smart card limits and controls, you can issue and approve stipends automatically within your company’s guidelines.

Create Float cards for stipends with recurring limits that can reset monthly, quarterly, or yearly — or temporary limits for one-time expenses.

Restrict cards to only allow spend in merchant categories or with specific vendors to prevent unwanted spend.

Managers can see transactions in real-time to track spend against company budgets.

Greater flexibility for employee benefits

From learning & development to co-working stipends, give employees the freedom to flourish.

Pre-approve spend on Float cards so employee’s aren’t waiting around for approvals or reimbursements.

Employees purchase what they want and need within your unique stipend spend policies.

No need to overpay third-party benefits providers for under-utilized perks.

Automate taxable benefits

Stipends backed by Float’s smart corporate cards and software reduces administrative work for both HR and Finance teams.

AI-driven technology scans receipts, pulling amounts, taxes, and tips to reduce manual data-entry.

Automatically code employee stipend spend with relevant GL codes, tax codes, merchants, and more.

Sync compliant transactions seamlessly to your accounting software to continuously close the books.

Earn on your
employee stipend
spend with Float.

Average cash balance

Average cash balance

Monthly card spend

Monthly card spend


That’s $16,2000 more than you’d earn with a bank.

Annual savings shown in CAD. Float is definitely not a bank. Learn more.

Float Cards for every
business expense

Simplify your company spending with corporate cards powered by intelligent software.

Software and Subscriptions

Keep tabs on software spend across the company and identify opportunities to save.

Travel and Entertainment

Business travel and events without the tedious expense reports.

Marketing and Advertising

Set the marketing team up for success with secure vendor-specific corporate cards.