New! Simplify Employee Reimbursements with Float

We’re excited to introduce Reimbursements – the simplest way for teams to manage out-of-pocket expenses, directly in Float.

Thousands of teams know that using a Float Card for company spending saves countless hours with automated approvals and smart reconciliations. Yet out-of-pocket expenses still happen from time to time. Our goal at Float is to introduce optimal ways to manage all team spending (including the odd expense that happens when you don’t have your Float Card on hand). 

Now, the same custom controls and automations that companies get when their team spends with Float Cards are available to streamline employee reimbursement requests as well! 

How it Works

So long Excel spreadsheets, email chains, and expensive software. Reimbursing out-of-pocket expenses is just 3 simple (and automated) steps in Float. 

  1. The Spender Submits a Reimbursement Request. Finance teams can streamline this process by setting up custom Submission Policies to ensure all required information is submitted for smooth month-ends. 
  2. The Manager Approves the Request. Custom Approval Policies notify the right Manager (or Managers) to approve the request in Float without delays. 
  3. Admins Export the Approved Request for Payout. Once approved, Admins can sync reimbursement submissions to their accounting software and pay employees quickly though their payroll or accounting software.

Why it Works for Your Team

Using Reimbursements in Float’s integrated spend management solution means time and cost savings for your company that you can put back into growing your business. With Float, you’ll get to:

🧾 Simplify Team Repayments

Whether they paid with their Float Card or needed to make an out-of-pocket payment, team members now request to spend and submit expenses all in one place. No need to onboard and manage employees on multiple platforms, and finance teams get a real-time, consolidated view of company spending.

💸 Save on Software 

Every dollar counts when growing your business. Expense management software can be expensive when charging per seat (think Expensify or Concur). This costs companies thousands of dollars a month. Reimbursements is available to all of Float’s Professional customers at no additional cost per user.

🙅‍♀️ Eliminate Administrative Work

Finance teams can create custom Submission and Approval Policies to eliminate manual work. Employees simply upload their receipts and expense information, and their request automatically goes to their manager for approval so the finance team can payout (and close) faster. No more f*$%-ing expense reports.

💳 Spend on Cards Worry-free

Your team members feel happiest when they’re empowered to do their best work. This often includes needing to spend with insight and flexibility. Assigning Float Cards to employees with frequent or large expenses gives team members autonomy, while finance teams still keep control and peace of mind. In addition to Reimbursements, enjoy unlimited virtual Float Cards to spend in CAD or USD as part of Float’s free Essential plan (and free physical cards with the Professional plan). 


At Float we believe Canadian finance teams deserve a financial partner that understands their unique needs. Reimbursements is yet another game-changer in the Float platform, built for Canadian companies and teams looking to streamline their expense reporting in an integrated solution. 

We’re excited to reward our customers with locked-in Pro pricing of new Enterprise features like Reimbursements (and our new HRIS Integration) – as our way of saying thanks for helping our team build the future of financial services in Canada.  

Whether you’re currently on Pro or sign up for Pro in 2023, you’ll gain access to select new Enterprise features launched this year and enjoy continued access to Float’s $99 a month Pro pricing.

Sign in to Float and start simplifying your team spend with Reimbursements. Not a customer (yet)? Book a demo with our local team to learn more!

My Float Face

When you make software it’s natural to focus on the nuts and bolts of how the product works. But one thing we’ve seen consistently across our customers is that Float changes the way people experience their work lives, whether you work in finance or any other role where you incur work expenses.

Our new fall brand campaign focuses on these emotions – relief, confidence, even pure delight – in a series of portraits depicting everyday work scenarios.

If you can see yourself in one of these, it’s because we turned to our customers for inspiration. Your comments come through loud and clear in our conversations, both digital and IRL. We love seeing how Float has changed the way you feel at work.

Huge thanks to our creative partners Kailee Mandel, Renga, Distilled Creative and George Street Growth for bringing this campaign to life, in Float speed, no less.