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It pays to pay it forward. Refer a business and
get $500*

Introduce your friends in the finance communtiy to Float, and get rewarded!

How it works

Introduce a business or a friend in the finance community to Float, and help them simplify their spending.

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    Share your unique referral code or link with a colleague in the finance community

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    They sign up their business and spend $5,000

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    You’ll personally get a $500 Amazon gift card directly to you personal email.

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    How it starts
    Instantly create and manage cards

    There's more!

    As an added bonus, your friend's business will get $500 in cashback for becoming a Float customer and spending $5,000.

    Even better? There are no limits to the amount of referrals you can make.

    If you refer 4 businesses, that's $2,000 right in your pocket!

    Questions on how referrals work?

    Check out our FAQ or reach out to Support - we’re here to help!