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Product News: Introducing Float’s Slack Integration Feature

What if we told you that issuing corporate cards, requesting spend approvals and managing corporate expenses across departments was all possible at the click of a button?

April 5, 2022

Float launched an integration feature that enables users to connect their financial workflows right within Slack. Companies can easily manage their spend and approval processes directly in their internal chats, making it convenient for all departments within the organization. From approving a corporate card to requesting spend, all of it can be done in a matter of minutes. 🤩 We’ve also moved all our notifications into Slack so that you can ditch those lengthy email threads and have interactive engagements using our Slackbot.

Removing any friction from your financial workflows

We always knew that to create the ultimate spend management product of the future, we needed to build an integrated experience that removed as much friction from your financial workflows as possible. ✅ To be successful, we needed to meet our users where they were already spending a lot of their time – on Slack.

Our Slack integration feature allows us to better serve companies with distributed teams by giving them the power to embed their financial workflows within their existing communication channels. So, if you’re operating in a hybrid workplace where some employees are working from home, you can easily approve spend requests and ensure seamless financial communication across all departments. 💸

Users will also get reminders and notifications through Slack when they’re missing receipts and other important information.

Creating a simple onboarding process 👩🏽‍💻

We recognize that onboarding your employees and getting them acquainted with your financial tools and processes isn’t always a smooth transition. The main purpose of Float’s Slack integration feature is to make it easy for spenders in your company to understand, adopt and comply with your financial processes and tools. Given that most people know how to use Slack, getting started with Float is nothing less than seamless.

Spenders can easily submit their spend requests by typing ‘/spend’ directly in Slack. Managers then have the ability to approve or decline requests directly from the Float App within Slack. Managers can also create a shared channel for upcoming top ups and notify the team when they arrive.

Promoting a healthy spending culture 💸

Our Slack integration feature allows companies to manage corporate spending in a more efficient, transparent and quicker way. Since everything is done in one single tool, managers have greater visibility and control over spending, while employees are empowered to make business purchases easily and responsibly. With the ability to view spending frequency data and communicate directly through Slack, this integration enables employees and departments to improve the way they share financial information.

Our team at Float is always looking to make the way you and your teams spend as effortless as possible. The more we can integrate Float into your day-to-day workflows, the more we can make spending for businesses easier across North America.

Book a demo with us today and experience all of the features Float has to offer.

Written by

Ruslan Nikolaev

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