Canada’s smartest
corporate card for USD spending

Hassle-free access to smart corporate cards in USD backed by Float’s intelligent spend management software.

Trusted by 1,000s of leading Canadian companies.†

Spend in the currency you get paid

Float’s USD smart corporate card is built for Canadian businesses that earn—and spend—in USD:
no US-domiciled bank account required. Built with ❤️ in Canada.

Instantly create physical and virtual cards in USD

Issue physical cards for employees travelling south of the border, or create virtual cards for subscription, software, and advertising vendors that charge in USD.

With Float’s intuitive software, you can assign individal card controls and get real time insights into your company’s USD spend.

Save while your team spends

Avoid foreign transaction fees on purchases made in US Dollars and save on conversion fees charged by your bank by funding your Float USD cards directly from your USD bank account.

Plus, get even more savings by having all your spend in one place and using Float’s custom insights to cut waste.

Eliminate expense reports and manual data entry

Float automatically collects and matches receipts to transactions so your team doesn’t have to.

Direct integrations with accounting platforms like Quickbooks, Xero and NeSuite make month end a breeze. Export transactions tagged by currency and already coded and embedded with receipts.

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Why Blue J chose Float’s smart corporate cards

“Before Float, we didn’t have clear visibility over our financials until month end rolled around. I recall getting these big Visa statements with all these charges and it was incredibly difficult to keep track of.”

Suzanne Gratch
VP of Finance

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*Unlimited physical and virtual cards for Professional plan members. Essential members get unlimited virtual cards and 5 physical cards.