We're simplifying spending so companies and teams can focus on growing their business.

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Building a business is hard enough. We're pairing innovative financial solutions with intuitive software to empower companies and teams. We started by eliminating the time-consuming and mindless tasks associated with corporate spending and we're not stopping until all business spending is as it should be—simple.

Ready. Set. Grow.

We know that with the right tools, companies and teams can focus on growing their business, not tracking expense reports, chasing receipts, or waiting for personal reimbursements.

Built with the best.

We've devoted thousands of hours working directly with finance leaders, managers, and employees to build the best spending experience. Our team and investors bring experience from leading software companies including Uber, Shopify, Robinhood, and Clearco.

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We’re building the first flexible corporate card in Canada.

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Float is backed by some of the top venture and fintech investors in the world, as well as senior executives at Uber, Shopify, Xero, Wave and H&R Block

Being at the forefront of the future of finance is what drives us. We're here to get a Float card into the hand of every Canadian business. With a Float card there are no bounds, expense what you need, when you need and that's all there is to it!

Natalie White, Customer Success

The future is bright, and it holds a lot of promise for Canadian businesses as organizations like ourselves take it upon us to go toe-to-toe with much larger banks but that's what excites us! The mission to get every Canadian business Float corporate cards with extremely powerful spend management software is real and very important to us, our customers, and the future of Canadian businesses.

Shawn Qanun, Account Executive

I am excited about what we can do to improve business payments and financial products. Canadian banking options for both businesses and consumers are lacklustre, and there are so many innovative services and products that we can build. A lot of companies claim that you can "make an impact" or "be an owner", but it's often just recruiting fluff. You're frequently still contained in a departmental or team silo, processes and responsibilities are already well defined, and there is a cultural bias for inaction.

Mike Ross, Product Engineer

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Get high-limit, no personal guarantee Corporate Cards and forget about month end reconciliation and out of pocket expenses.