Why Finance teams choose Float over TD

Smart Corporate Cards backed by Intelligent Spend Management Software.

Instantly create virtual & physical cards

Track spend in real-time

Eliminate expense reports

Trusted by 1,000s of leading Canadian companies.†

Instantly create and manage cards.

Float provides unlimited* physical and virtual corporate cards with no monthly user or card fees. Virtual cards are perfect for digital one-time payments or recurring expenses, or provide physical cards for real world on-the-go transactions.

✅  High acceptance rates worldwide

✅  No personal guarantees

✅  No more out-of-pocket expenses

Enable team spending without losing control.

Float is a smart corporate card backed by intelligent spend management software. The software provides a real-time overview of individual, department, and category spend so you can scale with insight.

No more Past Due late fees because of lack of visibility on your AMEX corporate cards.

Integrates with

Close the books 5x faster at month end.

Eliminate expense reports with powerful software that automatically collects and matches receipts.

Float captures transactions, automatically codes & categorizes & exports transactions directly into your accounting platform.

⏰  Save days of manual data entry work

As seen in

Why Coinberry switched from AMEX.

“When we were using AMEX, it was incredibly time-consuming to fund our cards. It often put our ad campaigns on pause & we’d lose users every day.”

Jerry Lin
VP Finance

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Apply in less time than it takes to calculate tax and tip.
Get approved in three business days or less with no personal guarantees or credit checks.

*Unlimited physical and virtual cards for Professional plan members. Essential members get unlimited virtual cards and 5 physical cards.