Why Choose Float over Expensify

If you’re considering Float vs Expensify to manage your company’s spending, read on to understand the differences between full spend management control and employee reimbursements.

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3 reasons to choose
Float over Expensify

Canadian finance leaders (and their teams) love using Float as their wholistic spend management solution. Unlike Expensify, which specializes in employee reimbursements, Float provides easy access to corporate cards and gives finance teams control over how, when and why money is spent across the company.

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1. Easy access to physical and virtual cards

With Float, you can instantly issue physical and virtual cards to your company’s employees with customizable spend management controls.

✅ Unlimited* cards so you can issue a card for each employee and vendor.

✅ No monthly card or user fees, and no limits on the number of cardholders.

✅ Create safeguards with spend limits, and easily pause or cancel cards.

2. Instant receipt collection and coding

When purchases are made on Float cards, team members are prompted to easily submit receipts via Slack, text, or email immediately after each purchase.

✅ No chasing down receipts and waiting for employees to submit expense reports

✅ Automatically match receipts to transactions and capture taxes, tip, and GL codes.

✅ Export each transaction right to your accounting platform, in both CAD and USD.

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3. Real-time financial data

Purchases made on Float cards are logged immediately, so you get an accurate representation of company spending in real-time.

✅ Review transactions as they happen, instead of waiting for employee-submitted expense reports.

✅ Track spending by team, vendor, or individual to identify big-ticket spends or questionable charges.

✅ Gain insights into your spend patterns and make decisions backed by accurate financial data.

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Why Blue J chose Float’s smart corporate cards

“Before Float, we didn’t have clear visibility over our financials until month end rolled around. I recall getting these big Visa statements with all these charges and it was incredibly difficult to keep track of.”

Suzanne Gratch
VP of Finance

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*Unlimited physical and virtual cards for Professional plan members. Essential members get unlimited virtual cards and 5 physical cards.