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A Quick 1:1 With Float’s Own Finance Manager

Hi, I’m Jennifer McNamee. 👋🏼 The Finance Manager at Float who handles all of the corporate cards floating in our company.

March 2, 2022

Since joining the team in November 2021, I’ve been spearheading our finance department and joining forces with the rest of the team to bring Float to the next level. I spent the first three years of my career at one of the Big Four firms and then switched to the startup life in 2018 at SnapCommerce and never looked back. Today at Float, I am the sole Finance Manager leading the finance department with the advantage of getting first dibs on the newest features of our spend management platform.

As the Finance Manager, I live and breathe the everyday experience we’re striving to improve for our customers at Float – and if it’s good for me, I know it’s good for our clients.

Paying the bills faster 💨

I have a lot going on in my workday, and the ability to automate some of my tasks has been a key factor in accelerating my speed and giving me the time to focus on bigger projects. The fact that Float simplifies the entire spend management process is the reason why I’m able to manage all of the finances on my own – without getting overwhelmed or drowning in monthly reconciliations. I can automate nearly everything on my to-do list and put my time to good use. For example, paying bills is now ten times more efficient for me because of Float. All I have to do is log into the platform, create a one-time card and I can pay for expenses in minutes.

I’m responsible for paying a number of vendors who charge us on a monthly basis. With our platform and corporate cards, I’m able to create a recurring monthly card with a set amount so that vendors can charge the card themselves each month. If a vendor were to charge more, the card would lock and I would be immediately notified. No overspending. No fraud. No problem.

I really don’t think I could ever go back to my old way of managing spending. Data collection, receipt management, spend approvals – they’re all getting done behind the scenes without me having to manually track and manage it.

Team Management is a gamechanger 🚥

Team Management is making a big difference for us as a growing startup. It gives me full visibility and tracking capabilities to ensure that our budgets are never exceeded and everyone is spending responsibly. Being able to create multi-level spend approvals has decentralized spending within our company and has allowed me to shift more responsibility to managers – this has been a game changer especially on my busy days. Employees never have to ask me for daily spend approvals and can go directly to their manager instead – I only get involved for big ticket spending that may have a material impact on our budgets. We don’t have lengthy approval processes and so things get done quickly and efficiently. This has given me more time to focus on higher priority projects that add more value to the business.

No more chasing down receipts 🙅🏻‍♀️

As a finance manager who has worked at startups and big corporations, I know firsthand just how frustrating and inefficient corporate spending and spend management can be without the right tools in place. I can’t imagine going back to my old ways of work – creating expense reports and chasing employees for receipts. Using Float at Float 😉 I have more control and a better handle on corporate spending, from issuing corporate cards on the spot to setting spending limits. This has allowed us to remain on budget, spend smarter and grow, while keeping our team lean.

After years of working in both startup and corporate finance teams, I can say with confidence that every company should use Float. It has completely changed the way I work.

If you need greater access to corporate funds or are looking for a better way to collect and manage receipts, Float can help. Our automated spend management software and corporate cards will ease the burden on you (or your finance team) and give time back to be more strategic.

Book a demo with Float today and wave goodbye to your financial headaches.

Written by

Jennifer Mcnamee

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