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5 Ways Float Saves Your Business Money

Float is more than a corporate card – it’s a complete spend management platform for keeping your business spend in line.

June 15, 2022

There’s often a delicate balance within growing businesses between spending and saving. As a busy finance professional, finding that balance often falls to you… along with all the oversight and administrative work that comes with it.

Enter Float – a physical and virtual corporate card backed by powerful spend management software that gives you far more oversight over spending… while offering significant savings to your business. 

Here are five ways Float can help your business save money:

1️⃣ No surprise fees 

When you spend with Float, you won’t have any surprises – there are no foreign transaction fees, and no hidden monthly fees. Additionally, you can issue unlimited virtual cards as needed… without additional charges. What does this mean? The only charges you’ll see each month are the expenses incurred by your business – no additional fees, and no surprises.

2️⃣ 1% Cashback 

It’s true! For each purchase you make with your Float physical and virtual corporate cards, you’ll get one percent cash back. Depending on your team’s monthly spend, this adds up to significant savings. Some Float customers regularly receive tens of thousands of dollars in cash back – with no strings attached – deposited into your Float account monthly. 

3️⃣ Spend controls that are easy to implement

While Float allows you to issue unlimited physical and virtual corporate cards, you’re able to limit the spend on each individual card – providing you a level of proactive control over your organization’s spend that traditional corporate cards don’t offer.

4️⃣ Track real-time spend by vendor 

Tracking vendor spending is a tedious process of waiting for invoices, processing payments, and logging the transactions. It’s asynchronous, and doesn’t offer a real-time view into what your suppliers are spending. 

Since you control the spend limit on each card, you can set up your vendors with a virtual corporate card with a spend limit in line with their typical monthly spend. This also allows you to track their spending, and increase or decrease their spend limits in real time as needed. This not only ensures that vendor payments are happening on time and on budget – meaning you won’t be overcharged – saving you time and money.

5️⃣ Set approval structures

Still need peace of mind? Float customers are able to set up multiple expense approval processes to ensure that even if a vendor or employee needs a credit top-up, spend is still monitored, and can be approved on the fly… even via Slack.

💰 Bonus! Earn up to $150k in special offers from Float partners

Becoming a Float customer is simple. Applications take just five minutes online, and you can be approved in a few days. Compared to a traditional approval timeline of four to six weeks for traditional credit cards, it’s not just a financial savings – it’s a time savings. Plus, Float’s perks program provides some pretty sweet bonuses… adding up to $150k in additional savings for your company. 

Here are just a few:

  • Intercom offers a FREE first year, a 50% discount in your second year, and an ongoing 20% discount as long – a value of $61k USD
  • Amazon Web Services provides $25k USD in AWS Activate Credits along with a year of AWS Business Support – a value of $5k USD
  • Hubspot is offering 30% off a subscription for the first year, and 15% each subsequent year – a savings of up to $35k USD

With this many opportunities to save, what’s stopping you from booking a demo? Find out what makes Float so special today!

Written by

Amrita Gurney

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