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3 Signs Your Team is Ready For a Float Card

Ideas are flowing💡, the team is growing👫 and you need a better solution to manage and track your spending.💸 You’re in the right place.

January 25, 2022

Is your company experiencing rapid growth this new year? Does your organization host monthly seminars? Are you planning to accelerate your marketing efforts in 2022? As you grow, expenses only pile up and in order to stay afloat (no pun intended😉) one major way to streamline is increasing the number of corporate cards floating in your organization. 

Here are three signs that your company is ready to introduce Float cards.

1. You’re a fast-growing company with multiple departments🚀

If your team is growing that means more employees are spending and you have more expenses to keep track of. A great way to get a handle on this is by issuing corporate cards within your departments with an automated system to manage it all. At Float, our latest and greatest feature Team Management takes team spending to a whole new level.⬆️ It allows organizations to easily issue corporate cards across all departments and makes it easier to empower smarter spending within teams. Managers gain greater control and visibility over departmental spending with the authority to set predefined budgets, distribute corporate cards 💳 and approve spend requests in real time.🤩

If you’re worried about getting approved for corporate credit cards, don’t fret. At Float, we eliminate all the time-consuming processes you’d experience at the bank by issuing and delivering your cards in less than 3 days! Yes, you read that correctly.😉 Float wastes no time when it comes to helping fast-growing companies spend smarter!

2. You’re dreaming of a healthier spend culture.💭

At Float, we’re in the business of making your spending dreams reality.💫 By making it easier to issue corporate cards to employees, startups can empower their teams and give them the autonomy to make valuable spending decisions. It’s a positive demonstration of trust with employees and allows them to act quickly and be more innovative in their daily projects.

With all of these cards floating around, finance managers can rest assured. All Float cards are connected to our smart spend software, which effectively tracks and organizes all purchases in real time. In addition, for each individual card, managers have the ability to create spend controls for specific categories, departments and employees to limit and monitor company-wide spending

3. You want more efficiency in your operations ✅

Ditch the expense reports once and for all. And while you’re at it, you can stop chasing down employees for receipts. If your company is looking to bring more efficiency to expense management, Float can simplify your daily accounting tasks and automate the entire process by  collecting all your financial data in one place in real time. It removes all of the manual labour and saves you from long hours spent filtering through paper receipts from the entire year. Imagine that. Not to mention, Float cards give employees the freedom to make purchasing decisions faster, without being bogged down by long wait times for management to approve transactions and spend requests. 

If your team is on a clear path to growth and there are no signs of slowing down, keep the momentum going with Float’s corporate cards. Book a demo today and experience what it’s like to spend smarter with Float!

Written by

Shawn Qanun

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