Many Canadian SMEs struggle with tracking their expenses, qualifying for high credit limits and improving spending habits across departments. It’s something we hear every day at Float – which is why we continue to improve our platform with features to fill those gaps. 

Team Management to the rescue 🦸🏻‍♂️

Team Management allows organizations to create departments within the platform and assign specific managers so they can clearly oversee and manage spending within their teams. In short, it helps SMEs decentralize spending and transform their expense approval process for the better. Managers have greater authority to track and manage team spending with the ability to set clear spending limits for specific transactions and departments. As for employees, they can easily make business purchases and do their jobs without having to constantly get approval. Float also allows finance managers to issue categorized cards for every department based on their spending needs. For example, if your marketing team has several monthly software subscriptions, you can create individual cards to automate these payments and ensure everything gets paid on time and without interruption.

Less burden on finance. More responsibility for managers. ✅

Team Management distributes spend approval authority in your company by giving more responsibility to department managers. Your finance team can easily issue corporate cards across all departments with predefined spending limits, while managers now have the power to approve spend requests within their teams. Your finance team no longer has to get bombarded with those daily spend requests and they can create policies to ensure they are only looped in for big-ticket purchases. It also gives finance managers better control over departmental spending to ensure everyone stays on budget. 💸👀

The perfect solution as you grow and scale  💳

With Float, you can easily distribute an unlimited number of corporate cards to all departments with custom limits based on expense type or project budget. Our platform is designed to support your growing team by making it easier to add new employees to the platform and issue cards at any time. With our speedy approval and delivery process, employees can hit the ground running with a corporate card in 3 days or less! 👍🏼

At Float, we saw the need for a smarter solution that automates, simplifies and improves the way teams spend on a daily basis. Gone are the days where you had to use a single credit card across the entire company or pull out your personal VISA to make business purchases. 👋🏾 Spend smarter with Float and enjoy the benefits of our advanced features like Team Management. Book a demo today.

Written by

Amrita Gurney

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