Spend your money like it's your money

We're all about limits that actually help you grow your business and we don't believe in personal guarantees.

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We guarantee there’s no personal guarantees

No need to give us a personal guarantee or lengthy breakdown of your personal financial position.

You're already approved for a high limit

We built high limits into our product so every business gets the spending power it needs.

The best thing is: no credit checks.

Forget lengthy credit checks or credit scores that keep you from investing in your business. We don’t need them.

High Limits

Get the limits that help your business grow, and spend freely.

No personal guarantees

Detangle your business from your personal.

No credit checks

Spend your money your way, without gatekeepers.

1 day approval

Submit a 5-minute application and get approved before your next morning meeting.

Your questions, answered

What is Float?


Float is a combination of no personal guarantee Visa corporate cards issued by People's Trust and an integrated spend management software suite to help you control your spending and manage cards.

How do Float Corporate Cards work?


Float customers have access to virtual and physical corporate cards issued by Visa. Float cards, just like all Visa credit cards, are accepted around the world. Your Float cards will work anywhere Visa is accepted.

How do Float limits work?


Your Float limits = your bank balance. Float cards integrate directly with your bank account and automatically maintain your desired balance on your cards.

How to apply in 5-minutes?


Applying for Float takes less than 5 minutes, and you will get your account credentials instantly after you complete the onboarding form.

What information do I need to apply?


You need to provide us with a legal business name, your home address, and your date of birth. We do not perform any hard credit checks and only use your information to validate your identity.

Does Float integrate with Accounting Software?


Yes, we have native two-way sync with QBO and Xero and support exporting into Netsuite and Sage.

Cashback? How does that work?


Get 1% cashback on all purchases made using Float cards, plus get other great perks.

Does Float charge FX fees?


No, Float doesn’t charge any FX fees so that you can spend worldwide with no additional fees.

Spend time and money
where it counts

Get high-limit, no personal guarantee Corporate Cards and forget about month end reconciliation and out of pocket expenses.