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High limits

No credit checks

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Goodbye, outdated processes. Welcome to the Float way.

You didn’t get into finance to spend time chasing receipts and manually coding hundreds of transactions. Float is how smart companies automate their spending while retaining control, so you can focus on what matters.

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Enable easier team spending without losing control

Eliminate out-of-pocket expenses (and their receipts) with Float’s physical and virtual cards.

Use virtual cards for online purchases and subscriptions, or provide physical cards for real world transactions. Both are linked directly to Float software with controls and real time reporting to help manage your company’s spend.

Instantly create and manage cards
Instantly create and manage cards

Speed up expense approvals, eliminate bottlenecks

Avoid overly complex approval processes that just waste people’s time. Set up automated approvals by team, spend type, and amount to give your employees an easier way to request spend and manage budgets.

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Make expense reports obsolete

Employees can easily text, email, or upload receipts directly to Float. Our software matches receipts to transactions so you don’t have to.

With easy-to-add rules for purchases, you can track spending in real-time, eliminating the need for expense reports altogether.

💬  Conveniently submit receipts via SMS or email
Instantly create and manage cards

Close the books 5x faster and skip the manual data entry

Every transaction made on a Float card gets embedded with receipts and automatically categorized with GL codes and vendors.

Direct integrations with Quickbooks, Xero, and Netsuite make month end a breeze.

Integrates with  Instantly create and manage cardsInstantly create and manage cardsNetsuite

Don’t just take our word for it

When it comes to business spending, our customers know best.

“Float is saving us more than 20 hours a month by making it incredibly easy to control and manage all of our card spend in a single place.

Ben Koppeser, CPA

"By using Float, we’re able to maintain our critical spending categories for both advertising and acquisition without interruption.

Jerry Lin, VP of Finance

"We have hundreds of transactions a month, which is why this platform is so huge for us. To go through that many receipts would be impossible.

Heather Brunt, Financial Controller

Businesses have evolved.
Banks haven’t.

Fast-growing businesses need more flexibility and cashflow than banks can offer. With Float, get the spend you need when you need it, with smart corporate cards, time-saving software, and no hidden charges.

Instantly create and manage cards
Instantly create and manage cards

Save money

Plus, there's perks.


Receive 75% off for six months after a free 30-day trial

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Get 15% off for your license

Very Good Security

Free VGS Control and 15% off platform fees for your first year


Up to 90% off your first year


15% off candidate background checks


$1,200 in credits against any Retool Cloud plan


100% off your first year, and 50% off your second


Your first hire is free, and 20% off additional hires in your first year


15% off for your first year


Get your first two months free


20% off for your first year


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QuickBooks Online

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$1,000 in credits against any paid plan


20% off for 6 months

Amazon Web Services

$25,000 in AWS Activate Credits valid for 2 years, and 1 year of AWS Business Support (up to $5,000)


$1,000 in credits against any paid plan

Carta Rewards

20% first year discount, and waived implementation fees

Float Cashback

Get 1% cashback on every dollar you spend


1,000 words of free content

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Most things in
finance aren’t fast.
Our customer support is.

Our team is ready to help.
Fast, friendly support is just a click away.

💬 Available when you need us via phone, text, chat and email  
Instantly create and manage cards

Get the goods with relevant insights

It’s only required reading if you’re looking to level up your business knowledge. Check out our assortment of financial tidbits and case studies to see how Float can make things easier for your business.

Your questions, answered

What is Float?


Float is a combination of no personal guarantee Visa corporate cards issued by People's Trust and an integrated spend management software suite to help you control your spending and manage cards.

How do Float Corporate Cards work?


Float customers have access to virtual and physical corporate cards issued by Visa. Float cards, just like all Visa credit cards, are accepted around the world. Your Float cards will work anywhere Visa is accepted.

How do Float limits work?


Your Float limits = your bank balance. Float cards integrate directly with your bank account and automatically maintain your desired balance on your cards.

How to apply in 5-minutes?


Applying for Float takes less than 5 minutes, and you will get your account credentials instantly after you complete the onboarding form.

What information do I need to apply?


You need to provide us with a legal business name, your home address, and your date of birth. We do not perform any hard credit checks and only use your information to validate your identity.

Does Float integrate with Accounting Software?


Yes, we have native two-way sync with QBO and Xero and support exporting into Netsuite and Sage.

Cashback? How does that work?


Get 1% cashback on all purchases made using Float cards, plus get other great perks.

Ready to get started?

Apply in less time than it takes to calulate tax and tip. Get approved in three business days or less with no personal guarantees or credit checks

Essentials: $0/mo

Best for small to medium sized businesses with limited spenders and single approval layers

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Professional: $99/mo

Ideal for medium to large sized businesses with advanced integrations and spend management needs.

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