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How It Works: Float’s QBO Integration

Float offers a powerful two-way integration with QBO.

June 1, 2022

Is month-end craziness bogging you down? Float offers a powerful two-way integration with QBO to make spend management a breeze!

Our QBO integration feature packs a punch, offering a range of benefits to make managing your finances easy as 🥧. You can look forward to 

✍🏽Improved transaction categorization 

✅ Better receipt management 

⏱ Time saved with less manual data entry

We designed this feature to sync seamlessly into your daily workflow. Our goal was to optimize the month-end process for your finance team so they could finally say goodbye to low-value tasks and guesswork. Our QBO integration feature makes it so that you no longer have to re-add and retype data with the reassurance of greater accuracy in your books – not just at month-end but on a daily basis! 🚀 

With Float’s QBO integration, you manage all card-linked transactions in Float, and then directly export into Quickbooks, with transactions automatically coded and reconciled for you. Once you try it, you’ll wonder how you lived without it!

See it for yourself in this quick product tour.

Currently using Quickbooks to manage your corporate finances? Here’s how Float levels up  your experience and your books:

3 ways to automate spend management using our QBO feature 🙌🏻

👩🏽‍💻  Auto-apply category transaction settings and pre-code cards by GL, Vendor, Tax or Tag

✅  Set up merchant-based rules to enable auto-categorization by merchant or vendor 

💳  Bulk update hundreds of transactions for purchases that have similar accounting settings

QBO manages your receipts better – with tax included 🧾

Float allows every employee to submit receipts via email, text or direct upload into the platform. Once a receipt enters the system, Float uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to pull the tax and tip off a receipt for easy and simple tracking. We know that some Canadian provinces have unique tax rules, and so we created this feature to accommodate multi-part tax codes and auto-recognize them every time a receipt is exported. 👍🏼

We know that so many SMEs and startups are using Quickbooks. That’s why our main goal is to easily integrate into every part of your work day so that managing your finances is a responsibility that’s easy, shared and simple to track. 

To learn more about Float’s QBO integration feature, book a demo with us today!

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