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Spring Cleaning Your Finances With Float

Spring has sprung! Out with the old and in with the new – starting with your spend and expense processes.

March 8, 2022

You know that feeling when you walk into a neat and tidy office with a desk clear of paperwork and nothing but the essentials? Well, the same goes for your expense management too. Here are some tips to help you clean up your internal processes, better track spending and eliminate the clutter of expense reports on your desktops this spring.

Clear your desk by ditching expense reports  📑

Expense reports are outdated, time-consuming and often the culprit of unnecessary paperwork piled on our desks. In the spirit of spring cleaning, introduce your finance team to automated expense software like Float – no more headaches or chasing employees for expense reports.  Virtually track company expenses in real time. ✅

Ctrl+Alt+Del the clutter of receipts  🖥

Your pockets, your desk, your drawers, your glove compartment – you’ve likely got receipts floating everywhere! But not if you’re tracking them virtually. Automated expense software simplifies managing those flailing receipts by moving everything neatly into the cloud. ☁️ Employees are instantly notified to submit receipts after making a purchase and finance managers can easily access and view these receipts at any given time. You might find your finance managers with more spring in their step, especially if they don’t have to chase anyone down.

Sweep responsibility over to managers 🧹

It’s time to give your finance manager a break this spring. Using Float’s Team Management (TM) feature, you can introduce multi-level approvals and give department managers more control over their team’s spending. TM provides finance managers with a clean picture of department spending and enables them to easily issue corporate cards with predefined limits to keep everyone on budget. By giving department managers more responsibility, this creates a much tidier and timely approval process for employee spend requests. 💁🏼‍♀️

It’s time to grow this spring 🌷

Consider how your company is tracking expenses and spending on a daily basis. 💸  Is your current process scalable? Are your teams bogged down by lengthy approval processes? Is finance completely losing their mind during tax season? 🤯 At Float, our automated expense software and corporate cards can give you greater visibility and control into real-fine spending, while serving as fertile ground for you to grow and scale. You can easily issue corporate cards to any employee who needs one in 3 days or less and you have access to your financials in real time to support sure-fire decision-making.

Book a demo with us today and we’ll have you fully integrated with Float just in time for spring! 🙌🏻

Written by

Shawn Qanun

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