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A Closer Look at Float’s Professional Plan

Permissions, Team Management, Multi-Level Approvals and more

January 11, 2022

Manager Permissions 🙋🏼‍♂️

Professional customers can give managers greater control and visibility over team spending with the authority to set predefined budgets, distribute corporate cards, approve spend requests in seconds and empower teams to make responsible spending decisions! 💸

Team Management 👫 👫

With Team Management, Professional customers can assign both managers and spenders to various teams with added functionality like auto-tags to clearly define each employee’s role and spending authority. Easily distribute corporate cards to departments and/or team members with customized limits based on expense type or project budget.

Team Management Feature

Multi-Level Approvals ✅

Professional customers can easily decentralize spending with a simple and efficient approval process embedded in Float. You can create multi-level approvals for each team and define approval levels based on the spending amount for any request. Whether it’s a $200 or $20,000 request, the correct individual will be prompted (via Slack or email) to approve it, with an e-paper trail that you can always depend on. 🤝

Unlimited Physical Cards 💳

Professional customers can provide anyone on their team with access to their own physical Float card. Empower spending no matter where people are, and easily update limits in real-time from your account. Whether your team is on the road, meeting with customers, or just purchasing home office supplies, physical cards can help anywhere.

Slack Integration 🔗

For Slack Users on Float’s Professional plan, Float can provide even faster updates by surfacing information directly into a dedicated Slack channel. Stay on top of Float activity with these capabilities:

  • Spenders can request new cards for approval through a simple /spend command in Slack
  • Admins will receive a Slack notification to approve requests in a dedicated Float channel
Spend Request Slack Notifcation
  • Improve receipt compliance with automatic reminders to Spenders in Slack
  • Finance Admins can be notified of new fund transfers as soon as they are initiated and completed

Want to know more? Our team is always happy to connect and share more details about how you can benefit from our Professional features. Click here to get in touch with them now!

Written by

Ruslan Nikolaev

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