Team Exercises, no Longer Overrated

Many of us are stuck at home alone or with people that we’ve seen every single day for a year. For some, work is starting to seem like an unorthodox refuge that’s been taken away by COVID. These conditions greatly affect the health of everybody and especially impacted the opportunity to socialize. At Float, we believe that socializing is a basic human need so we’ve devised two unique strategies to build a connection between people who are miles apart. We considered common strategies such as playing virtual games, virtual drinks, etc, but we didn’t REALLY learn much about each other. So this is what we do.

Shared Work Music Playlist

Have a shared work music playlist in which employees can add music to at any time. This part is very easy and can be done at any time but everybody would need to be on the same music platform such as Spotify or Apple Music. To spice things up, we implemented a bi-weekly music review where we listen to each other’s song choices and discuss the music. Some interesting questions to ask include:

  • What culture is this music derived from?
  • How did you discover this band?
  • Whats the story behind why you enjoy this song?

This event is always very fun and interactive and it brings out the personality of the members of the team (a good way to help people open up is to put the weirdest song you listen to on the playlist first). Also, during the listen and tell sessions, the music helps spark many natural conversations that help the team get to know each other as friends.

For the more musically talented, we also highly recommend hosting virtual concerts for another added layer of personality.

Virtual Cooking Leader

Another really interesting way to bring out somebody’s personality is letting them share their love of food. It’s especially interesting when its a dish that the team hasn’t had or even heard of before. So there are few variations of this event ranging from taking turns talking about food that they enjoy all the way to my favourite, which is teaching the team how to cook live and having them follow along at home. It is a big commitment, but sending a recipe and shopping list a week prior is ample preparation. To pay for the groceries required, we use the virtual cards available on Float to make sure we all stay in budget and don’t spend out of pocket! We highly recommend this one, but if your team is more of the hands-off type, then the music idea is perfect for you.

Written by

Ruslan Nikolaev

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